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STECIA International

Who we are

STECIA International is a consulting firm founded in 2011 by Mr Walid Gaddas, an international consultant with 26 years experience in the rural development sector.
It was agreed as an Agricultural Consulting firm by the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture.

The main activities of the company are :

  • Studies
  • Consultancies and business coaching
  • Training and Capacity building.

The company specializes in the analysis and development of agricultural and forest value chains, including :

  • market access and business linkage,
  • institutional communication and promotion of agricultural commodities,
  • design of marketing strategies and export development, and
  • upgrading and organization of the production systems.

STECIA International conducts research and provides consultancies to national and international donors  working in the area of rural development and promotion of agri-food products.


Here below are some of our recent references :

Assignment Client Donor
Selection of 7 agricultural and forest-based value chains to be supported by Nigerien Agency for Export Promotion (ANIPEX) and preparation of a Business plan Agence Nigérienne de Promotion des Exportations (ANIPEX) World Bank
Development of 3 agricultural and handicrafts value chains in Kasserine, Center-West Tunisia. Agence de Coop. Inter. et de Développement Local en Méditerranée (ACIM) PACA Region, France
Preparation of a market research on Tunisian and Canadian forest essential oils markets. Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Preparation of a market research on Organic food market in United Arab Emirates International Trade Center (ITC) - Geneva, Switzerland Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Preparation of Good Agricultural Practices for onion growers and onion packers and exporters in Burkina Faso. ACDI-VOCA US-AID
Preparation of a study on export potential of Tunisian Halal certified products in France and in Indonesia. International Trade Center (ITC) - Geneva, Switzerland I.T.C


Here below are some of our recent references :

Assignment Client Donor
Technical and Marketing Assistance to 5 Tunisian Organic Olive Oil Exporters. Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Sfax US-AID
Technical assistance to Bottled Olive Oil Fund for its international promotion and communication activities (China, USA and Tunisia). Centre Technique de l'Emballage et du Conditionnement - PACKTEC FOPROHOC
Technical and Marketing support to SME/SMI development programme in Algeria (PME II) Agence Nationale de Développement de la PME, Alger, Algeria European Commission
Coaching of 12 Tunisian exporters of Organic products to enter UAE market.
Organization of 'Tunisian Organic Day' in Dubai.
 International Trade Center (ITC) - Geneva, Switzerland  Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Coaching forest essential oil producers members of a Women Cooperative to discover and enter the Canadian market. Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Implementation of GlobalGap system in a large-scale farm in Gafsa, Tunisia. Ulysse Développement Agricole Ulysse Développement Agricole

Training and Capacity building

Projet Client Bailleur de fonds
Training support to SME/SMI development programme in Algeria (PME II) Moulins Amor Ben Amor, Guelma, Algeria European Commission
Capacity building in Good Harvesting, Good Storage & Packing Practices of staff of 3 onions exporters in Burkina Faso.  ACDI-VOCA US-AID
Capacity building in Good Hygiene Practices for forest essential oil producers members of Women Cooperative in Zaghouan, Tunisia. Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Key personnel

Mr Faouzi EL MUFTI

Mr. EL MUFTI, graduated in Economics from the University of Montreal and Executive MBA from the Mediterranean School of Business, is a private sector international expert , with over 20 years experience in the development of SMEs (agro-industry, handicrafts and services). He spent 12 years in support, design and technical assistance for private sector companies (development of  business plans,  sales strategies and internationalization).

For 3 years, Mr  El Mufti was the coordinator of FAMEX (Fonds d'Accès aux Marchés Extérieurs), a 22.5 million USD project funded by the World Bank and the Tunisian Government.
In his duties, he established and developed a large professional network with the private sector, professional associations, public institutions and financial institutions.
Before this assignment and during four years, he was a permanent FAMEX expert. He supported service companies (especially in the ICT sector and handicrafts) who started an export process of their services . He also organized major events and B2B meetings (among other event' Carthage Handicraft in New York').

In 2015, he was Expert in market access for MSMEs in the UNIDO project in Tunisia, PAMPAT (Project Access of Agro-Food Markets and Earth) to develop 3 value chains in Tunisia (Harissa, prickly pears, figs).
Faouzi EL MUFTI have a deep knowledge of entrepreneurship in Tunisia but also in Africa and the MENA region. He has worked in start-ups and managed for a period his own company in the field of ICT.
His knowledge of MSMEs and markets have led many international donors (World Bank, UNIDO) to hire him in major projects in Africa and in the Middle East.

Mr  EL MUFTI is a visiting professor at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Tunis (IHEC), the first Business School in Tunisia.
He is a member of the Executive Board of CONECT International (Confederation des Entreprises Citoyennes de Tunisie), the SME Union.

He is an IFC certified trainer (International Coach Federation) and specializes in corporate issues. He is also Swiss Nova certified expert (assessment and skills profiling).

Key qualifications of Mr. EL MUFTI are :

  • Study, design and monitoring of development plans for MSMEs
  • Design and implementation of marketing strategies and action plans
  • MSME management coaching.
  • Supervision and coordination of projects
  • Training in management and marketing techniques.
  • Design, monitoring and project evaluation.
  • Evaluation of private and public institutions.


Mr  GADDAS is an international consultant in agricultural and agribusiness value chains analysis and development.

He has 26 years of experience in Tunisia and in many countries in Africa (Burundi, Burkina Faso, Niger, Sudan, Tanzania, Comoros), Asia (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam) and Europe (France , Italy, Germany, Moldova).

Mr GADDAS worked for many international donors in projects aiming  private sector development (European Commission, FAO, IFAD,  IFC-World Bank Group, African Development Bank, International Trade Centre, ILO, etc .).

He coached many private sector companies to :

  • improve their production capacity,
  • improve the quality of their products,
  • implementing quality systems (ISO, HACCP, GlobalGAP).

He was also involved in strategy development, in project formulation and in project and programme evaluation.

Mr GADDAS have a very large network whether in Tunisia, where he is Vice-President of the Federation of Export a major component of UTICA and abroad where it is part of Agro-Consultants, a network  of consultants graduated from French Agronomy Universities.

Key qualifications of Mr. GADDAS are :

  • Technical and organizational evaluation
  • Development and implementation of strategies and action plans
  • Implementation of Quality systems
  • Adaptation of products to market demand
  • Training and capacity building


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